Incredible evening last Saturday as robbiesrhythms saw families and friends don their black tie and watch a musical spectacular in the sunny grounds of Frensham Place in aid of robbiesrally. After a champagne reception Mark Keville and Dr. Gary Nicolin gave a welcome speech reminding the crowd on the key aspects of the charity. Some of the acts that followed are listed below:

The Vox Chamber Choir, Helena Morgan, Choristers of St. Thomas-on-the Bourne, Abigail Rutherford, and the Buglers from 1st Battalion The Rifles under the command of Bugle Major Lewis.

With 11 acts in total it was a truly memorable evening as people enjoyed their own picnics on the lawn in front of the stage. The evening had everything from Billy Joel to Mozart to Les Mis to Bieber!

Special thanks go to The Edgeborough Parents Association, Edgeborough School for having robbiesrally as its choosen charity for the year, Rob Lewis, Ken Annis, Kate Davies, Clare Marren, Clive Holder and Chris and Jane Davies.

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