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Dear all Family and Friends,

I am very excited to announce that Alex Mcateer and I will be taking part in Race2Dublin in a couple of weeks time! However I have taken the liberty of renaming our participation in the event as robbiesroadtrip.
theSPRINTfund (nicknamed robbiesrally) was set up by my uncle after my cousin Robbie got ill two years ago. The charity aims to raise as much money as possible to help children with acquired brain injuries at Southampton hospital.
We desperately need to further develop Southampton’s available resources so that children like Robbie can be helped along the road to recovery. The consultants and departments at the hospital can help the kids to relearn vital skills they may have lost through conditions ranging from concussion to cancer.
On February 12th Alex Mcateer and I are going to be racing against other teams on our way to Dublin from Edinburgh, by any means possible!
****The plot twist is that we will have zero money to do this – meaning the journey is essentially Robbies(hitch)ride!!!*****
I’m asking you to please please donate even if it is just a small donation. Not only will this money go to an excellent cause but it helps to know we have the support of all our family and friends.
Here is a link to find out more about Robbie’s story and other fundraising events that have taken place.
Otherwise please follow attached link for donation page,

Much love, Macy and Purv xxxxxxxxxx

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