About robbiesrally

When Robbie Keville was 6, he lost his mummy Kate to breast cancer. He decided then to become a doctor. Possessed of a good mind, there was no doubt that Robbie had the ability to realise his ambition one day. However, aged 8, he himself was diagnosed with cancer – a malignant brain tumour. Despite the best efforts of wonderful medical staff, he died aged 10 in February 2016.

During his life, Robbie made a great many friend and admirers. Our charity was his idea. He named it, thought of the original fundraising event (the inaugural ‘robbiesrally‘ on Valentine’s Day 2015) and was ambitious for its success.

Robbie was a great favourite with the NHS staff. A natural-born optimist possessed of a gregarious personality, Robbie starred in an NHS video (robbiesradiotherapy) on paediatric radiotherapy and was asked to open a new school room attached to the children’s oncology ward at Southampton.

Robbie was a very popular student at his school, Edgeborough. In June we were deeply touched to hear that his house will be renamed ‘Keville’ in honour of him and Kate.

His family and friends wish to fulfill the aim of robbiesrally, namely to provide staff to rehabilitate children with brain tumours.

robbiesrally is a fund within Southampton Hospital Charity. Registration number: 1051543.