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It is estimated that there are approximately 400 new cases of children with brain tumours in the UK each year. These brain cancers are one of a few conditions becoming more common. Whilst treatment has improved recently in terms of saving lives, surviving children generally have more lasting damage as a result of the tumour and its treatment than those afflicted with other forms of cancer.

The damage to the nervous system can manifest itself in various ways: physically, psychologically and through a compromised ability to learn. It has been shown that children benefit enormously from follow-on rehabilitation from, among others : neuropsychologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

This treatment is often only available to the most seriously ill children who qualify for an in-patient stay. Children discharged following completion of radiotherapy and chemotherapy are often in very great need of rehabilitation so that they can return to normal lives fulfilling their potential at home and at school.
Our aim is to provide an outpatient rehabilitation service for the children. robbiesrally will provide the staff for this role with our first member of staff being employed very soon….